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Okay, Mr Baby is going to have his first foray into solid foods this weekend. We are going to have bananas mixed with some breastmilk.

What do I need to know before I do this? Can I just mush the bananas up, or do I need to put them in a blender/food processor?

Here's everything I know...

If your baby is used to the sweet taste of human milk, start with mashed bananas.

Use your finger as baby's first "spoon." It's soft, at the right temperature, and baby is familiar with it. Encourage baby to open her mouth wide. Place a fingertipful of this glorious glob on baby's lips while letting her suck on the tip of your finger. Next, advance the fingertipful of food to the tip of your baby's tongue (where there are tastebuds receptive to sweetness). If this gets swallowed, or at least is not spit back at you, try placing the next glob toward the middle of baby's tongue.

Watch baby's reaction to this new experience. If the food goes in with an approving smile, baby is ready and willing. If the food comes back at you, accompanied by a disapproving grimace, baby may not be ready. Some babies make funny faces just because this is all so new to them. What happens in the mouth may be a more accurate indicator of whether a baby is ready to eat solids. If the mouth opens for a second helping, give it another try � you may have a winner. Even if the food comes back out, the baby may just need to learn to seal his mouth shut when he moves the food from the front to the back. Rejection of the food could also indicate that the tongue-thrust reflex is not yet gone, and baby can't move the food to the back of his mouth and swallow it. If your baby just sits there, with an open mouth, confused by the glob of food perched on her tongue, she's probably having difficulty with the tongue-thrust reflex. Let her practice a while. If she still doesn't seem to know what to do, wait a week or two before you try again.

I'm pretty much starting this solids thing from a place of zero knowledge beyond that, so any advice is welcome.


Okay, I'm glad you weren't offended. I started solids with Arianna when she was about 4 1/2 months and sippies at 6 months, as per dr. and her developmental readiness. She's approached everything with total interest (her fav. foods are veggies, believe it or not--carrots and green beans. And she loves all fruits.) I like to mix the cereal with fruit or veggies/meat, basically to thicken up the baby food. I'm hoping to have her off of it soon but she's gotta be eating more people food. And WIC gives me waaaayyyy toooo much cereal! >.<

I like Dr. Sears, for the most part, his advice on sleep issues helped me fix a small problem Arianna was having. :)

I looked at your userinfo and saw that you have been nursing for 6+months which is awesome. (I wish I could still be nursing but I had to stop after 3 weeks due to medical reasons.) So what Sears says makes more sense now. Other mommies I know (not many but a few) are waiting till 6 months to introduce solids, so I guess it might be better cause you can leap right into fruits and things. I'm glad that it'll be ok for your son, that's what I was hoping for. ^-^ He'll probably devour the bananas. You'll have to let us know how it goes! Be prepared for a mess!

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