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Feb. 27th, 2007

monkey cake



Henry is only 4 weeks old ... ( and since he was 6 weeks premature we's half-jokingly call him Negative Two Weeks Old at this point) ... and I am already CRAZY EXCITED about making his babyfood! I honestly think that aside from the happy gooesy feeling that come along with motherhood, making babyfood was my favorite part of Philip's youth. I am under no illusion that my babyfood making is the reason why he is such a good eater now - I know some kids really are just born picky, I know I was! - but it didn't hurt, did it!

I'm in the market for a deep chest freezer so I can make a whole bunch of food to keep frozen for those times when I can't make it fresh. 

Also... I've got a super crazy yummy chicken & lentil stew that I made the other day from a Baby Food Cookbook... it was supposed to be pureed for baby food but we ate it as a stew. Once I can find the recipe I'll post it. :)

Here we go again!! :D

Jan. 30th, 2007


(no subject)

I am really desperate..This may be off-topic somewhat, but I need some help here!

My 27-month old daughter eats no meat really. She ate some chicken tonight(processed, into a kiev..) and the odd time, she will eat 1-2 chicken nuggets that we have in the freezer. She is a carb addict, and eats a lot of breads, wheats and sometimes pasta.. She also loves fruit and eats peas, corn and cooked carrots.

She drinks apple juice(diluted atleast 50/50) and 2%milk, but that's all she will drink. She doesn't like orange juice, she won't drink any 'red' juice and isn't fond of plain water, but will drink it if she's thirsty enough..

My problem is that she is developing a yeast problem, a rash-like problem, in the creases of her arms and legs, as well as a little bit on her tummy. I'm quite certain it's yeast, and will be booking a dr. appointment tomorrow.

I've started her on acidopholus, and she eats 1 yogurt *everyday* at breakfast. I need to come up with some lunch and dinner ideas, that she might atleast try to eat...and I'm stuck. We eat grilled cheese, kraft dinner, spaghetti-o's, omlettes, toast, bagels and french fries for lunches mostly(with apple wedges, applesauce, grapes and bananas as an option..) and for dinner, she pretty much eats rice with some veggies, or potatoes with veggies, salads, kiev or a nugget or two... It's a very small variety for a diet, I know, but she is SO not into eating meat.

(oh, and we don't eat red meat, period.) Just chicken and VERY rarely fish.

Any meal ideas/suggestions? Even snack ideas? Anything??

Oct. 26th, 2006

new me


lunch ideas?

It's basically a desperate plea for inspiration--what are your toddler's favourite lunches? I'm running out of ideas of sure-fire meals, as he seems to get more and more finicky as time goes on.

I'm feeding Alex his main meal at noon, which is leftovers of what I made for us the night before, as it's hit and miss as to whether or not he eats it (but I want to keep offering him the same food as we eat, making sure there's something in there I know he likes), but don't want the meal he might leave untouched to be his last meal of the day.

The other night, he refused his dinner and wouldn't even take the backup--an unbuttered slice of bread (yes, I know this sounds harsh, but he loves bread and if he's truly hungry he'll eat it, and I don't want to teach him that I'll keep making food for him until he finds something to his majesty's taste--I'm not going to be a mom who makes a different dinner for every member of the family, dammit). I gave him some milk, just because I was worried he'd wake up hungry, but even so, he had a really restless sleep and woke up an hour and a half earlier than normal, pleading "bagel!" It absolutely broke my heart, so I'm going to see how switching his meals around goes--iffy food at lunch (as he can always have a small snack a few hours later and then have dinner) and something I'm pretty sure he'll eat for dinner.

But I'm running out of ideas! Help! Please? What did you give your toddler for lunch today...? What are their favourites? I refuse to bow to the call of beans, fish fingers, and chips (more than once a week, anyway).

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Oct. 11th, 2006



(no subject)

is it light corns syrup or dark for constipation? thanks

Apr. 5th, 2006

Bay of Islands


Courgette & cheese fritters

Just made these, Ethan loves them!!

1 courgette, grated
2-3 oz mature cheddar, grated
2 eggs
2-3 tbsp plain flour
splash of milk

Whisk the flour, eggs and milk together in a bowl. Add the grated courgette & cheese and mix well. Add a little seasoning if liked.

Heat a tbsp of olive oil in a pan. When the oil is hot, drop tablespoons of the mixture in the pan, flatten out and fry til golden on each side. Drain on kitchen paper & serve.

Mar. 20th, 2006

mensie ladies


(no subject)

Hello everyone. I am a new one. I am 22 and have 3 children Chloe, who is almost 4 years old, Aiden who is almost 2 years, and Faye who is 7 months old.
I buy some foods but I really want to make more things for my littlest one Faye. I have an oldfashioned baby mill which I love! It works so well.
I was wondering about freezing guidelines. Are there any types of foods that you shouldn't freeze? How long it is safe to freeze fruits and veggies?
I have made food for my other 2 children but I never thought to freeze it. I always made it fresh and with 3 small children it is hard to have the time to stop and mill at EVERY meal time.
Thanks in advance.

Mar. 12th, 2006



(no subject)

hi im new to the community. we decided not to start solids, in a big way, until babys one year birthday. that said, she hates baby food now. can anyone give me any ideas on feeding my child? im going to make her sweet potato fries, something with butternut squash, and i already give her steamed baby carrots. anything will help.. thank you! ps she loves to feed herself

Feb. 21st, 2006

monkey joy of cooking


Good Idea

On a blog I like to read, the author just wrote a post about a great little finger food for the sometimes icky transition from baby foods to real foods. Here is the link, and in case you read this later, it is the entry dated 02/20/2006 - I can't fiure out how to link directly to that certain post.

In a nutshell, she made macaroni and cheese shells and refrigerated them in a small container, which turned it into a cheesy pasta block that can be sliced up. And easy way to eat pasta for babies who can't quite get the finger pinching thing down yet. She posted photos and everything!


Feb. 1st, 2006

hot shit


almost 9 months...still no sign of teeth!

My baby is 8.5 months old. She is breastfed roughly every 4 hours (give or take...it's her call) and she eats two meals a day of solids. usually a fruit, a veggie, some finger foods (banana pieces, avocado pieces, etc.) I am not giving her any meat other than fish right now (white fish) and she gets her protien from: yobaby yogurt, fish, and occasionally she will eat black beans. Also, she is not too into egg yolk no matter how I prepare it.

Now, the question: I am going grocery shopping in about 3 hours and I'm hoping to get some feedback so I can walk into the store with your advice and buy stuff for my baby to eat...
a) can she have cottage cheese? does it have to be full fat? (i'd like to give her lowfat)
b) can she have ANY other kinds of cheese?
c) is white fish the only fish you can give a baby with no teeth?
d) where else can I get protien sources for her?
e) when do I go from 2nd foods to 3rd foods?
f) she has NO teeth. so, what are some food ideas for babies with no teeth.

Nov. 10th, 2005

monkey baby in monkeys mouth


Secret Ingredients

As Philip gets older and older, I'm making less and less special food for him. Mainly he just eats what we eat... which has gotten healthier now that he's in the picture. I do make him his own pasta though, and last night I tricked him into eating veggies he'd never have touched otherwise!

All I did was cook up some macaroni noodles, then mixed it up with sliced (canned) mushrooms and a few heaping spoons of cooked spinach. He gobbled it up, having no idea spinach and mushrooms were part of the deal. :)

Another good way of getting secret veggies in him (other than peas - he adores peas!) is by making mini quiches. I can stick onions, spinach, peppers, and all SORTS of things in there and he has no idea because all he cares about is the egg and the crust. :)

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