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monkey baby in freezer

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Successes and Failures

This is all going to come out quite randomly, but I want to note what's going on with 7 month old Henry's feeding progress:

Apples have failed. Just like his older brother, Henry gets a predictable and nasty belly ache with apples, so he won't be getting any more of them until after he turns 1, which was the magic apple-eating number for Philip. 

Blueberries have turned out very well and they last for ages. I took frozen blueberries (no sugar added, just natural blueberries) thawed them a bit and blended them into a puree and froze them. One bag has lasted me AGES because when thawing, the blueberries are very liquidy and so I add a bit of milk and a lot of rice, so I only really need 1 cube of blueberry per meal. Same with peaches, but peaches don't thaw quite as liquidy as blueberries do.

The carrots have needed norice as a thickener, their consistency - and sweet potatoes - has been perfect.

With both blueberries and peas he hated them when it was too strong a taste, but mixed with baby rice he's loved them both. 

Green beans are a current favorite.
I've still got him mainly on single foods, the only combinations have been rice + a fruit, and he'll also do blueberry + peach. The next mix I'll do - which won't be for a few weeks - will be zucchini with potato. Eventually that will have cheese in it as well, that was one of philip's favorites. So was sheperds pie. 

I've changed ice cube trays a million times and have finally settled on the very hard plain white ones I get for a buck at target. If they are too bendy then they break when trying to get the cubes out. And the silicone ones I wswitched to were a pain in the rear as well ebcause the food seemed to stick to them. 

Currently in the freezer: carrots, blueberries, peaches, green beans. 
Today will be a big food making day and I'll be making, freezing, and generally stocking up on rutabega, peas, butternut squash, sweet potato, and pears.  

These frozen cubes are a world of goodness even when the foods get more solid because they can be combined with so many things.


Good to know about the trays at Target!

March 2009

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