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monkey joy of cooking

marlespo in makin_babyfood

A few pointers

I scanned through the beginning chapeters of my Annabel karmel book "The Healthy Baby Meal Planner" and these are the things I had highlighted as points the first time around, and it fits what some of us have been talking about lately:

1. Dairy products like yogurt and mild cheese can be introduced after 6 months. Choose whole fat products rather than low fat ones. 

2. Eggs can be given from 6 months on but they must be cooked thoroughly until both the yolk & white are solid. Soft boiled eggs can be given after 1 year. 

3. Honey shouldn't be given to any child uner 12 months because of the risk of botulism. 

4. Initially, baby rice (commercially prepared) is the easiest for baby to digest. Once baby has passed 6 months and is happily eating slightly courser textures there is no need to coninue specialty baby cereals. Use instant oatmeals, grahams, Chex, etc but make sure it is low in sugar and salt. *

5. Limit indigestible foods such as spinach, lentils, cheese, berries & citrus. 

6. Commercial teething biscuits are often loaded with sugar, try toast or the following recipe instead:

Homemade Teething Biscuits
Cut a thick 1/2 inch slice of whole wheat, cracked wheat, or rye bread into 3 strips. Place on cookie sheet and bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Add some grated cheese to the top for extra flavor or texture. These will keep in an airtight container for 3-4 days.

*WEETABIX! If you haven't discovered it yet or don't know about it, Weetabix is perfect baby food and Henry is starting it today actually! Can be purchased at World Market (more expensive there as it is imported) or Super Target has it near their healthy cereals.  It comes in a brick so it is super portable for taking baby food on the go. 

Henry will be done with baby rices and his grains will come from Weetabix and I'm also going to make him some pasta stars! Those little bitty pastas that can be easily spoon fed, rather than chippong up something else. :) Or orzo maybe, since that's what I have in the cupboard....


Thanks for the welcome and the information. Pretty much the same guidelines that the information I read gives. Sounds like our sons are at about the same stage, transitioning into the second stage.

By the way, Henry is such a great name! My son's name is Spencer, he is 6 months today.
I don't think we'll be buying more rice cereal after we finish off the one we have. More oatmeal maybe. Or maybe I'll just try regular quick oats. I'm an oatmeal nut myself.

March 2009

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