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monkey cake

marlespo in makin_babyfood

soup & growing up

 We're at the point of relying less & less on purees and more & more on feeding Henry from our normal meals. With 4 meals a day right now, it is looking something like this:

B: Fruit puree cubes + Weetabix
If you havebn't used Weetabix as baby food yet you are missing out! Find it in the health food cereal section. I use it all mixed up with baby milk and a puree, currently I'm using apricot & pear puree)

L1: Mixed veg cubes 
Not pureed but mashed, for coarser texture - currently he's having rutabega + potato or carrots + peas

L2: Mixed veg cubes
Whatever he didn't have last time

D: What we're having.**

Any snacks he gets are either cheerios, freeze-dried apple bits (which are also great to mix in with oatmeals and weetabix), toast, or cooked and cooled peas. 

Soon I'll stop using cubes altogether except for fruit purees which are actually realllly useful a lot of times. I'll start making more meal-type things for Henry in case he doesn't like what we're having, or like for a lunch when we're just having sandwiches. I'll be making mini shepherds pies, stews, things like that. And here is the first recipe I'll be using, something that I accidentally made this afternoon that ended up being perfect baby food for Henry:

I Totally Guessed At Veggie Soup
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 can chopped tomatoes w/garlic in it
1/2 bag frozen cauliflower
1/2 bag frozen green beans**
1/2 bag frozen corn
2 potatoes peeled & chopped
bay leaf
bunch of pepper
bunch of thyme
bunch of parsley
bunch of basil
Throw it all in a pot and cook on low for a few hours. 

It is yummy soup that we'll have tonight with cornbread. Henry ate it easily with a little bit of fork-mashing. 

** Don't ever use french-style green beans for little ones, I learned the hard way, because no matter how well you think you've gotten rid of those little strings... you haven't. They will be there. Your baby will gag and you'll have a heart attack.


Sounds almost exactly like what Cate's eating. I have to rely on cubes because I make day care meals... but same as you, I just mash with a fork for most things. I keep meaning to try rutabega. And for dinner she eats what we're having, within reason. Tonight she chowed some vegetarian lasagna (ricotta and veggies, I ate her noodles).

We also are going through a TON of whole-milk vanilla yogurt (I try not to touch it or I'd eat the whole thing myself) and whole-milk cottage cheese.
oh i forgot all about cottage cheese since i hate it so much, but i'll give some to henry! i'll buy some tomorrow, thank for the unintentional idea. ;)
The whole milk kind isn't bad at ALL. It's yummy, and I don't like cottage cheese too.

I wish I'd never even tasted the whole-milk yogurt. OMG, better than pudding.

March 2009

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